it's no secret, i like love to shop.  shopping online is one of my favs.  seriously, i can sit here in my jammies with my hair in a crazy bun and just order away.  perfection!  another reason i like shopping online?  ya'all know i like to be original & unique.  and what better way then to find little shops online.  i thought it would be fun to do an occasional post on my blog about my current crushes along with links to check them out more! 

  this shirt...yeah, i kinda sorta love my hemi

super love this cute little dress...and think it would look amazingly cute with my boots

oh, these gorgeous little love love

is this not the cutest little necklace you've ever saw

a camo infinity scarf?  i think YES

this george jones shirt...still super sad that he's gone...hope he knows i fully expect a song sang just to me when i get to Heaven

out for now

PS...fellow bloggers- please let me know if you are interested in swapping buttons. i'd love to help promote other blogs!