meal planning monday

it's baaaaaaaaaaaack  :)  i know, are you so super excited too?  school starts this week which means it's back to scheduling our meals to make life a little easier.

today i'm heading off to visit some local amish farms with my mama and buy my tomatoes and peaches for canning.  i can't TELL you how excited i am for this day!!  it's such an amazingly beautiful drive through amish country.  last year we were driving back this long driveway to a cute-as-a-button amish farm and along the dirt driveway was a wee little amish boy and girl, holding hands and walking in their bare feet.  it was seriously right out of a picture and was the cutest thing ever.  so wish i would have had my camera.  and wish my camera wouldn't send the amish into a tither of their souls being stolen.  sigh.  i just adore them!  and i'm secretly super duper excited that they are moving into my area and will basically be neighbors.

monday - cheese steak sammys and onion rings baked in the oven with peach cobbler for dessert...

tuesday - stuffed peppers and mashed potatoes...comfort food :)

wednesday - spaghetti and garlic the request of the littles {and because i'm canning sauce all day}

thursday - french dip beef sammy, bacon cheese fries and homemade the request of my youngest little, this is her FAV...

friday - it's football friday, so something quick and easy...

saturday - out to dinner with the fam :)

sunday - potato soup & bread bowls...a family fav

out for now