New study? I think yes!

This morning as I was doing my devotion outside (during the sunrise over the ocean y'all, amazing) I had one of those "a ha" moments from God that we all live so much!

I was studying Colossians 3:18-4:1.  I broke each verse down into person, do, don't do and why.  It wasn't long before He started nudging my heart.  

For me, as a wife, I was given one command in verse 18...submit to my husband.  As a worker, I was given one command in verse 22...obey my overseer.  I'm also a child and, praise the Lord, still have my parents here (and live directly beside them).  As a child I was given one command in verse 20...obey my parents.  I continually saw a pattern and felt the Lord telling me to pay attention.  Submit and obey.  Two things that certainly don't come easy for this stubborn, hard-headed girl.  

And with this, we have what our next Bible study will be on the blog in a few weeks...modern day submission.  

Out for now