Thirty Days of Bible Study for Busy Mamas: Colossians 3 {BOOK REVIEW}

Thirty Days of Bible Study for Busy Mamas:
Colossians 3
By: Pam Forster

about the book:
It’s not easy, getting into the Word when your house is full of little ones who need you twenty-four hours a day. But it’s essential. This new book offers special encouragement to busy mothers who need the nourishment of God’s Word in their demanding lives. Here is a simple but deep approach to Bible study, divided into five-minute portions that will help you dig in and really study the Bible. So here’s the challenge: Set aside just five to ten minutes a day – even if it’s just one minute at a time – to study the Bible. This book will help!
last week as i headed out for vacation, i grabbed this book and threw it in my suitcase. i adore reading. but reading on the beach is simply amazing! i knew out hotel had a front porch with lots of rocking chairs...on the boardwalk...with the sunrise right in front of it. i have to admit, i was so excited about this that the first night there, i hardly slept. the next morning, i was up at 5:30 am. i grabbed my book, tablet, pen and Bible and headed to the deck. this is the view i had:

so all of us mama's know, free time is hard to come by when you have littles. at times, even a shower is a challenge. one thing that should never take a backseat is our time spent with the Lord. we desperately need Him by our side to be the best mama possible. this Bible study will help you do exactly that. it is geared to take 5 minutes a day.  if you can't do 5 minutes at a time, you can always grab a minute here and a minute there until you've completed your daily task.  i actually spent about an hour on the deck each morning and completed the entire study this week.  just me soaking up every single minute i could with Him and basking in the beauty He created.  i cannot even put into words how amazing this was.

i have to tell you, this Bible study spoke directly to my heart. and actually, through this study, God started nudging my heart. and the next Bible study we will be having on the blog was decided upon.

if you are someone who isn't very good at studying your Bible, this study will help with that! Pam will literally come beside you and walk you through, step by step. how to read it, study it, go through one verse at a time and really understand it. i didn't want to mark in my Bible a lot, so i printed out a copy of Colossians 3 from Bible Gateway.

i would absolutely highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to dig a little deeper into God's Word.   

i received this book free from the publisher through the book review program, which requires an honest, though not necessarily positive, review. the opinions i have expressed are my own.

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