Wife After God {BOOK REVIEW}

Wife After God
A 30 Day Marriage Devotional For Wives
By: Jennifer Smith

over the past year, the Lord has really been busy working on my heart. He has given me a passion and a heart for marriage. not only for mine, but for all marriages. ones of the things i've enjoyed doing the most is reading and learning all i can about marriage...books, blogs, devotionals and bible study's. one of my favorite blogs is unveiled wife. and when i read that jennifer smith had written a marriage devotional, i was beyond over the moon excited!

Wife After God is an encouraging, God-filled devotional that will, without a doubt, strengthen your relationship with your husband and with Christ.  daily i was more and more convicted on how i needed to work on my own marriage.

WHAT:  there are so many great, real topics in this book.  they aren't fluff, they aren't sugar coated, they are just real.  and that is what this wife likes.  real topics that i face every day.  a few of my favs are...forgiveness, intimacy, protecting your marriage and the importance of prayer.  

one of the sections that spoke directly to my heart was about being a good wife.  regardless of my husbands actions, behavior, thoughts and response towards me...i need to love him.  period.  and that ties directly in to the study we've recently done on the Proverbs 31 woman.  

WHO:  every single wife.  period.  there is something in this devotional that will touch your heart, i guarantee it.  no matter how many years you've been married, there is always more to learn.  God created a beautiful covenant with marriage.  His highest purpose in marriage is to showcase the intimate relationship between Christ and His people. He gave us the responsibility to tend to our marriage and to be a beautiful reflection of His heart.

HOW:  each day there are a few focus verses, a 2-3 page thought directly from jennifers heart that includes scripture and stories, a beautiful prayer, a personal challenge for you, thought provoking journal questions and a status update. i actually kept a daily journal and looooved it!  this would be such an amazing book to use in a ladies bible study.  

WHERE:  to purchase your own copy of the book, click here.  you can purchase it in either paperback or for your kindle.

thank you so much jennifer for your ministry, your heart and your transparency.  you are such an encouraging Christian role model in an opposite world.  

out for now

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