i am

i am a mama.

i am a mama who has, admittedly, gotten wrapped up in the lies the world loves to throw at us.  they love to target families, women and especially mothers.  children are a burden.  they are an inconvenience.  they are expensive.  they take up valuable time that should be yours.  they disobey.  they whine.  and they get in your way.

avoid having them.  if you do have children, limit yourself.  and don't you dare have more than two.  if you do, the world will scoff and complain.  {prime example, the Duggar family.}  surely your possessions, money, pleasure and success are more important than having children.

oh, sweet mama's, what i want to tell you today is something the world never will.  the work you are doing today, inside your home, is the most important work you will ever do.  and those children that disobey and whine?  they are a priceless, unique treasure and one of our greatest blessings in life.  a privileged responsibility.  a precious delight.  a gift directly from God.

take time to step out of the busy, crazy, face-paced life the world shoves at you to simply enjoy your littles.  snuggle them, laugh with them, look at the picture they drew you (really look at it), listen to what they are saying and just focus on being in the moment.  these are the moments they'll remember.  these are the moments that will shape their lives.  they won't remember how clean your house was or that all the laundry was done.  they will simply remember you took the time to be with them and love them.

don't spend your life trying to be a perfect mama.  there aren't any perfect mothers (or fathers), only great women who love their children to the very end.  through lost teeth, middle of the night sicknesses, bumps and bruises, packed lunches, tears and homework.  throughout it all, you've woven the thread of love.  and with that love you've been building something amazing...a legacy!

what you are doing every single day is oh-so-important.  those little nuggets of wisdom shared across the dinner table, during bedtime snuggles or while driving the car, those are what your littles will remember and pass on to their kids.  the wisdom you whisper in your child's ear during a moment of crisis.  those words will someday be whispered to your grandchildren.

so today sweet mama, when your soul is weary and you feel less than perfect, know we are all there with you.  there isn't a single one of us that is perfect at motherhood.  but what we are perfect at is loving.  through tears, sleepy eyes, throw-up on the carpet, diapers needing changed, dirty floors and uncooked dinners we always always always keep loving.  that is what we find perfection in.

you are amazing.

you are so, so very important.

you are a mama.

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