opposite world

i was scrolling through my facebook feed this morning when an interesting article caught my attention. i couldn't wait to click on it and read it. it was titled "Jessa Duggar Enters Courtship with Ben Seewald". if you know me, you know i adore the Duggars.  i think it is amazing that a family with such great Christian beliefs has been able to share their lives with the world through their show.

the article was basically about Jessa entering into a courtship and it explained what a courtship was.  as i got to the end of the article, i noticed it had over 1200 comments.  i started reading through them and immediately i was saddened.  i read comments like "Too bad they can't trust these two, they seem like nice young adults. Don't care too much for the pious attitude of these people." and "Man created god, not the other way around.".

just a few weeks ago, i noticed this big stink being made about Miley Cyrus’s performance on MTV’s video music awards. miley was basically blowing up my facebook feed. we hadn't watched the awards, so i missed it. i was super curious what all the commotion was about, so i searched for it. it didn't take much searching at all to find it. i watched it in shock, with my mouth hanging open. my first thought was she was obviously high. between the outfit, the hair and the performance i just couldn't wrap my mind around a sober person doing any of it. sadly, she was sober. it was a sexually charged performance, to say the least.

miley's performance immediately came to mind today while i was reading the horrible, demeaning comments on the Duggar's article.  we live in a society that is more accepting of a young woman gyrating all over a stage, making obscene gestures and acting crudely than we do a young woman wanting to remain true to God and save herself (and her first kiss) for marriage.

immediately, this verse came to mind.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.
Isaiah 5:20

in the upside down Isaiah 5:20 world in which we live, vile and disgusting attacks on a woman who expresses biblical values are acceptable, even understandable. but saying that a girls father is the authority in the courting process, or that the parents provide advice and guidance, well, that is just beyond the pale.

it's time y'all, time for us to take a stand for Christ.  take a stand for the world we want to live in.  God created you and i to have specific roles in His unfolding story. God didn't create any of us to stand on the sidelines and watch the story unfold; He created us to be center stage.