thankful ♡

this past week was truck driver appreciation week.  as most of you know {or might not}, my love is a truck driver.  i just couldn't let this go by without thanking my husband, and all the other truckers, for everything they do. 

my husband is not an over-the-road driver, but i appreciate him non the less.  when the snow is flying and none else wants to be on the roads, that's when he heads to work.  he hurriedly packs a lunch, slips on his carhartt jacket and insulated boots and heads out for a long night of plowing snow.  he keeps the roads cleared and safe for my family and yours.  

this is possibly the most thankless job there is.  you tolerate taunts and jeers from nearly everyone for being a "state worker".  you either don't plow their roads often enough, throw the snow too far in their yard, plow their driveway in or knock their mailbox down.  rather than thank you for risking your life to save their families life, they criticize every single thing you do. 

and there is always that one person that is in a ridiculous hurry, even on horrible roads.  during the storm, they will still pass the plow truck.  a few years ago this unsafe, storm passing was done by a tri-axle.  this might not seem like a big deal, but if you could see the area we live in, you would totally understand.  

i am so so super thankful for my trucker.  i am thankful for his willingness to go to work every day and work to provide for his family.  i'm thankful for his dedication to keeping the roads safe and passable for the pubic.  i'm thankful for his amazing attitude and non-complaining during the long hours, cold, sassy people, forgotten lunches and late night calls.  i'm super thankful that during the stretches of days at a time when he is out during big storms, when it feels like i haven't spent time with him for ages, he always takes the time to call or message me just to let me know he loves me and misses me.  i can't put into words how much i love this mans heart.

and i want to take time to thank all the other drivers.  some other drivers are over the road (driving the entire country) while some are regional or even local. some drivers do dedicated runs where they run the same route for the same company every day. some drivers are home every night, some only on weekends while others are on the road for weeks at a time.  yes, this is a job they've chosen.  but that doesn't make being away from their family any easier.  

to all of you, including my love...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!