this little blog...

just some info about this fav, super special little bloggie of mine...

i started this little blog in 2006 (wow, it's been 7 years). it was started as an outlet, a way to share my scrapbook pages and a way to keep in touch with family.  but then something happened.  as time went on, more and more people started reading.

a few months back, i glanced at my site meter.  i saw something that was beyond anything i could have imagined.  i have readers from russia, canada, china, united kingdom, germany, philippines, france and malaysia.  and i realized, in that moment, that this blog was my Ministry.  God has done something i never, in a million years, would have imagined this country girl from a tiny town in central pennsylvania doing.  i have actually "went into the world" from my living room.

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.
Mark 16:15

every day i write blog posts to inspire others and make them smile; to share hope, grace and truth; to share my own mistakes and sins; to share my heart; and to share Jesus and His amazing love with others around the world.

i absolutely want my blog to be a happy, positive place.  a place where you know, even on your worst day, you can leave it with a smile on your face and feel refreshed.  a place where the heart of Jesus shines through.

my blog is not a place to gossip, air my dirty laundry or share all my secrets with the world.  and it really hurts my heart that some might see my Ministry as that.  it's not here to promote drama of any type.  if you have a question about something you read here, i would absolutely love to answer it and talk to you about it.  but please, don't question others about it.