Today I am thankful to have a marriage where we still openly let each other know "you're still the one".  That we are still willing to make each other feel special.  That we can take the time to let each other know they are still a priority.  And I am thankful for a husband that is not afraid to show that!

I am so very thankful for this mans heart.  Let me give you a little example of this big, burly, tattooed mans heart.  Over the summer, we went out to lunch as a family at a local pizza place.  While we were eating, a less-than-cleanly man walked in.  He was seated at a table not directly near ours, but close enough we could see/hear him.  He was obviously hungry and cold.  He ordered a cup of coffee and something small to eat, clearly concerned about cost.  When we went to pay, my husband told the cashier that he wanted to pay for that mans meal as well.  And I melted.  His heart is so amazing.  And I am oh-so-thankful that he's mine.

I am thankful that I have someone that I am still deeply in love with, after nearly 18 years.  I am thankful I have someone that is just as willing to work on our marriage as I am.  I am thankful that our love, coupled with God's grace, has seen us through good times and bad times. I am thankful that I have someone special to spend my life with.