The Passion Principles {Book Review}

The Passion Principles
Celebrating Sexual Freedom in Marriage
By Shannon Ethridge

About the book:
Move beyond the mechanics of sex to a rich and rewarding connection! 
God’s desire is for couples to enjoy vibrant sexual relationships without inhibition, awkwardness, fear, resentment, guilt, or shame. With honesty and frankness, life coach and best-selling author Shannon Ethridge opens the minds of both husbands and wives to embrace a lifestyle of passion and pleasure. 
Divided into four sections, The Passion Principles helps couples celebrate the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical dimensions of sexuality. Questions include: 
Some chapters end with questions for personal contemplation or for couples to use as conversation starters, and other chapters end with prayers that foster a deeper spiritual and emotional connection, making this book a perfect guide to a more passionate love life.
Why yes, you did read that right.  A sex book review up in here, woo!  Before you start blushing, remember God created sex for husbands and wives to enjoy together.  And that, my dear sisters, isn't shameful at all!!!

Shannon is a million-copy best-selling author, international speaker, and certified life coach with a master’s degree in counseling/human relations from Liberty University. Her passion for healthy sexuality actually began in Mortuary College. Her first career choice, becoming a mortician, led Ethridge to work on dead bodies. Many she embalmed were young people who had died from AIDS or committed suicide as a result of an HIV positive diagnosis. Because of her own promiscuous teenage years, she knew it was a miracle that she was standing over the embalming table rather than laying on top of it.

What I liked the most about this book is that Shannon holds nothing back, much like myself.  She doesn't dance around a subject, skip the hard stuff or give a candy-coated answer. I could totally relate to this book from front to back. The questions on this book are questions we have all had at one time or another and Shannon answers are based on Biblical truth, what other kind if truth is there?

There are a few things the world (and the enemy) want to see fail. Christianity and marriage rank among the top of that list. And when you put them together, a Christian marriage, you get hit that much harder. The enemy wants to keep sex and intimacy in marriage in the dark so their continues to be disillusionment. Thankfully Shannon wrote a book that is full of grace, freedom and encouragement that matches with God’s plan for sex in marriage!

My favorite question that she answers...will there be sex in Heaven?  What?  The thoughts of that never even entered my mind, ever.  So I was totally intrigued!

This book is an amazing read for engaged couples right up to couples married for 30 years. If you want to read an honest book of what is right or wrong, or normal or not when it comes to sex with your spouse you should consider grabbing a copy. It will open your eyes in a brand new way.

This book was provided to me free of charge by Book Look in return for my honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.