Meal Planning Monday

Monday - Chicken and of my own personal FAV winter meals...and I love how easy it is! I make a rotisserie chicken and that makes it easy peasy. Not to mention I can then save the juices/bones/skin to make chicken stock later. Just throw it all in the freezer until you're ready!

Tuesday - Buffalo chicken mac n super yummy!

Wednesday - Hot sausage sammys (for Joe and the littles) and a fat free cheese and chicken quesedilla for me...

Thursday - Impossible cheeseburger pie...easiest recipe ever, seriously...and everyone likes it, which is a big plus!

Friday - Homemade sausage gravy and husbands FAV meal EVER. Can't wait to try it with our fresh sausage!

Saturday - Out to dinner with mi familia

Sunday - Joes famous BBQ ribs, cheesy potatoes and ranch bread...can't hardly wait for this comfort packed meal!!!