7 Ways to Be Her Hero {Book Review}

7 Ways to Be Her Hero
The One Your Wife Has Been Waiting For
by Doug Fields

About the book:
A book that talks to guys in the way guys talk! 
Having a pulse is all it really takes to fall in love. Staying in love is another matter; staying in love requires a plan and some learned skills. 
"My primary audience for this book is guys (sorry, sneaky ladies)," says author Doug Fields. "I am writing in a way that most men seem to talk and learn." 
In 7 Ways to Be Her Hero Fields gives, quite candidly, seven very doable actions to transform any marital relationship, guaranteed. It also includes a bonus chapter for guys to read with their wives. So if you want to understand some simple ways to invest in your marriage and be your wife's hero (again), this is the plan!
I know, I know. You're all like "why would you read this, you're not a man". I will fully admit, sometimes I'm nosy but we'll call it curious. So, I read it anyways. In this book Fields talks about sneaky women who pick up a copy in order to scope it out. Yep, that's me.  But we'll just chalk it all up to curiosity and not being sneaky.

Why do I sometimes enjoy reading books designed for men?  I feel it's gives me a little quick glimpse into the mind of a male and his thoughts on marriage.  I was happily surprised to see how on target Fields was about relationships.  High five!  And I'll admit, I did get a few ideas on how to improve my relationship.  I would absolutely recommend this book!

This book was provided to me free of charge by Book Look in return for my honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.