Happy Birthday Princess

How is it possible that this pretty girl is turning 15 today? How is it possible that she will be a Sophomore next school year?  Growing much too quickly Jadie babe. Happy birthday princess!!! The years just seem to fly by, it seems like only yesterday I was holding her in my arms for the first time.

Some random facts about my youngest little...

...she loves Jesus more than anything
...she has the biggest heart ever, EVER!!! so tenderhearted.
...she says the absolute funniest, random things without even knowing it.
...she loves art and self expression...whether it be through clothing, drawing or singing
...she has her morals and standards set in her heart and refuses to be moved by the world...you go girl!
...she can learn the lyrics to a song by hearing it once
...she is an animal FREAK and would bring every.single.stray. home if I would let her.
...sometimes she acts JUST like her mama
...and when she's being naughty, she acts just like her dad :)
...she hates cleaning her room (can. NOT. stress the word hate enough)
...she is one of the only kids I know that just doesn't really care for pizza...I know, right...craziness
...I'm totally proud to be her mama