Passion Pursuit {Book Review}

Passion Pursuit
What Kind of Love Are You Making?
by Linda Dillow + Dr. Juli Slattery

About the book:
Can sex be both holy and passionate? The Bible says yes! Combining Dr. Slattery's psychological expertise with Dillow's life-changing stories, this bold study reveals what God says is and isn't okay in the bedroom; the reasons he made men and women different; and more. A must-have resource for women who've been married four months or 40 years!
Why yes, you did read that right. A sex book review up in here, woo! Before you start blushing, remember God created sex for husbands and wives to enjoy together. And that, my dear sisters, isn't shameful at all!!!

We live in a society that is so super focused on sex and sexuality. TV, movies and books address this topic openly and even sometimes forcefully. I mean, hello, they are even using sex to sell Liquid Plumber! Yet the topic of true intimacy is often NOT a part of the picture.

This book is built as a bible study, which I love. This girl is a slow learner so when you break it down for me into a study format, I can focus and learn so much quicker. You can read it alone, with a friend or in a small group of women. It is designed to get you thinking (and talking) about intimacy in marriage. No worries, the book comes with rules already set about discussing these topics with others. The rules allow for boundaries about privacy while still creating a safe guide to use in interacting with others on the topic of intimacy. It is broken down into 10 weeks and each week has 5 days of study. Each day has a devotion, scripture and guiding questions with room to write out your answers.

This book is not just about sex. It is about respect, integrity, truth, forgiveness, temptations and faith. All of these are really important aspects of intimacy as well. The book is packed with scripture, taking a look about what God says about sex in marriage and addressing some of the misconceptions about sex that churches have held for centuries.

I was given this book by Moody Publishers for the purpose of this review.