Sacred Sex {Book Review}

Sacred Sex
by Tony Evans

About the book:
Sex isn't everything that the world makes it out to be. It's more. 
This is a book about sex, for those who think about it. And if we're honest, that's everyone. Sex dominates our popular culture to a degree we've never seen before. Our world tells us that our sexuality is ours to do with as we please. Perhaps you've heard the phrase YOLO - You Only Live Once! We're meant to believe that since we only have one life, we should do whatever it is that we want with that life. But if we only have one of something, shouldn't that mean that we treat it with care and use it as it was designed to be used? God tells us that our sexuality is valuable and needs to be treated as such. The unrestricted sex of our culture is only a shortcut to personal fulfillment and, sadly, a cheapened imitation of the real thing. 
Pastor Tony Evans refuses to let the voice of God be drowned out amidst the clamor of the crowd. Crafting an argument that draws on everything from the basic science of hormones to the original Hebrew language used in the Bible to describe sex, you will discover why your sexuality is so important and why misusing it can be devastating. 
Whether you are single or married, discover how to enjoy true intimacy - the real fulfillment and satisfaction that God intended.
Another sex book up for review? Yes mam, you read that right. God created sex for husbands and wives to enjoy together beautifully. Y'all, He created it for us to enjoy, not be ashamed of!

Sex is hot topic today, am I right or am I right? I mean, every single place you look you see sex. I'm fairly sure "sex sells" is now even used in the marketing of candy bars and liquid plumber. Our culture has basically turned sex into a god. But in the Bible y'all, sex isn't dirty, shameful or a necessary evil. Sex is a beautiful gift meant to be enjoyed between a married man and woman.

The book is broken into three chapters; Sex as God Intended, The Value of Sexual Purity and Keeping Sex Sacred. The first chapter explains how sexual intimacy involved far more than two bodies experiencing contact. He explains that yada in Hebrew is the main verb that describes the first moment of sexual intimacy in scripture. The second chapter is about sexual purity and the importance of it. The third and final chapter is when Evans gets practical and speaks directly to husbands and wives. Sex, again, is more than an act. Thus men ought to continue to date their wives, love their wives, meet her emotional needs, and then reap the rewards. This always means for women to serve their husbands. Love goes both ways.

While this was a helpful book, I've read better on the subject. I guess I prefer books that are to the point and in plain terms.

I was given this book by Moody Publishers for the purpose of this review.