Slowing Down

A few weeks ago my family went on vacation. I have been looking forward to this vacation for 8 months. I just wanted to hit the pause button and have a big, relaxing, family-focused vacation.

Any time we all head on a road trip, it resembles a traveling circus. A bunch of crazy, lots and lots of laughing, movie watching, snack eating and naps.

The first morning there, I was up at 5:30 I was so excited. I just could NOT wait to do my morning devotions on the deck of the porch while watching the sun rise. It was absolutely breath taking!

I read the most amazing book while I was there, I did a review of it here. It was such a great time, just sitting by the pool, reading my book, drinking my coconut DD coffee (can you say LIFESAVER) and watching my loves swim.

We had lots and lots of beach time this week. Sitting on the beach, sand castles, wave jumping, the occasional wave knocking you down and rolling you around a bit (normally accompanied by a swimsuit malfunction) and seashell searching. It was so super relaxing!

We always look forward to the sand sculptures this man makes.  What a mission he has!  This is right in front of our hotel, so we got to sit and watch him sculpt the one below.  It took him an entire day (8 am - 9 pm) to make this.  And to think of HOW many people are exposed to daily just blows my mind.  What talent and heart!

Aahhh yes, this is what happens when Jade takes your camera.  Actually, this face is what happens every time my camera comes out, as you can see above too.

One thing that my family loves is seagulls. We kinda sorta like them. And we name them. And we may or may not talk like we are them.  And we laugh hard.  Although they are super sketchy, I'm very thankful none of them pooped on me (Joe can't say the same). And yes, we bought bread and got up early just to feed them. Which kinda sorta incited a bird riot.  This brave and thankful bird ate right out of Miss Jade's hand.  Not just once but a few times.

And this picture makes me laugh, hard.  Just Joe, Jade and bunch of bird heads.

I will admit, I was ready to come home by the end of the week.  I was ready to sleep in my own bed and not live out of a suitcase.  It's nice going away, but it sure is nice coming home!