It's That Day...

The day you wake up and instantly want to crawl back in bed.
The day you walk down the stairs and the first thing you see is the dog pooped in the house.
The day you realize your newly swept floor has clumps of grass tracked all over it.
The day you nearly tramp in a pile of cat vomit complete with fur ball.
The day your kitchen, that was clean yesterday, isn't clean any more.
The day you get on pinterest, and every cute outfit is on a skinny girl.
The day you make a cup of coffee and 5 minutes later a fly dives into it.
The day everywhere you look, failure is written in big, bold letters.

What do you do with days like this?

Do you spend hours on end believing all the lies the world tells you? Do you allow satan to ruin your day by whispering untruths in your ear? Do you throw your hands in the air, give up and just walk away?

Or do you fight.

Do you allow God to replace those lies with His truth? Do you tell satan "oh no, not today buddy" and tell him to kick rocks? Do you run to God when all you want to do is walk away?

I realized this morning...the choice is mine.

Throughout our lives, we've all faced struggles. We've all had seasons of storms when it seems you can't even see the shore. Whether your season comes in the form of dog poop or feeling like a failure, we all know what struggling feels like. Every single one of us. It's not a good feeling. And normally, it's not pretty. What makes the struggles a little easier to bear? Knowing we have someone to lean on. It's so comforting to know that during those times, we are never ever truly alone.

We can take our problems, fears, failures, concerns and the worlds lies to Him through prayer and have Him grace us with strength, wisdom, patience and compassion. We need to allow our struggles to remind us to lean on Him when we are weak, tired, sad, broken and need to be nurtured. He will meet you right where you are. And He will gently lead you through it with His grace.

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.
Psalm 46:10