Oh Hello Truck Pulls...

Tonight we are going to have a big night out at the HARMONY TRUCK PULLS. Oh my stars yes, y'all know I wait for this night all year long!!! I have not missed the truck pulls (except when they were rained out) for about 16 years. Every year, faithfully, I am there at 6 when the gates open. I get my GOOD SEAT (which is completely necessary to view the truck pulls) and then we go grab something to eat. And the food at the fair, goodness, it is amazingly good.

The air is crisp, the food is good, the trucks are loud!

What could be better?!?! Love me a full size dodge diesel with stacks ::sigh:: LOVE LOVE that truck!!! Gotta have some redneck in ya to love these pulls. My boots are ready, my bag is packed and my camera battery is charged. Can. Not. Wait.