Hero's Disguised as Husbands

This lucky girl is married to a hero. A burly, tattooed, bearded and bald hero.

He doesn't wear a cape or leap from buildings. He's an everyday hero in this house. A hard-working, tenderhearted guy. He takes care of his wife and his littles, normally putting their wants and needs before his own. He will completely stop what he is doing to help someone in need. And he follows God.


I'm so super thankful to say he's also a hero outside of this household. In what way? He coaches Little League Cheerleading. Yes, you heard me right. Cheerleading. And those little girls adore their Coach Tank.

A few years ago, the cheerleading program was in danger of being shut down.  They needed someone to step forward and head it up and if no one was willing, it would have to be canceled.  Knowing how much this program means to these girls, my amazing husband stepped forward and took over.

It's not that he has a heart for cheerleading, not in the least bit.  But he sure has a heart for these kids.  His goal every year is to be a positive male influence in their lives, someone they can look up to, someone they know they can always rely on and to just make their time with him fun.  Whether they want to tie his beard up in ribbons or tease him about his Packers, he always smiles and takes it in stride.

That right there is the best kind of hero.

I'm not sure he realizes what a complete hero he is to me, to us and to those little girls. It's evident to me daily.

Here are a few little comments from parents and the girls. This is the reason he comes back year after year!
You are a great coach and leader!!!!!!
Thank you for all that you do. This program wouldn't be here if it weren't for your hard work and dedication. So thank you again!
You do a wonderful job too bad we don't have more like you!
Dear, Coach Tank (:
Thanks, I had a great time this year. Yes, I'm joining next year, I cant wait having you as a coach makes cheerleading much more fun you're the best coach ever!!!!(:
Tank, I have had the pleasure of seeing you in actions with the girls and I have to say you are such a great male role model for the girls.
You've turned the cheerleading around and I see the smiles on these kids face. They look up to him so much, I know my daughter is looking for next year.
Oh, this man. A great hero. An everyday hero.

My hero.