InScribed Collection 2 {Book Review}

I have to admit, I was over the moon excited to get an email asking me to review the second installment of the inScribed Collection.  The first set was so amazing, I couldn't wait to get my hands on these!  Oh mylanta, I was not disappointed. They are AMAZING y'all!

The InScribed Collection is for anyone with a passion for God. Each title touches on a subject matter unique to the needs and issues that women face everyday. Since there are three books to cover I am going to write this review differently. I am going to share with you the books I received with their descriptions and share my thoughts after each book. I plan to keep my reviews short since there is so much to share.

Barren Among the Fruitful
Navigating Infertility with Hope, Wisdom, and Patience
By Amanda Hope Haley

The problem of infertility has reached epidemic levels in our society. It is projected that 40% of women currently 25 and younger will have difficulty conceiving a child or reaching a live birth.

Amanda Hope Haley had married David, the man of her dreams, and earned a master’s degree from Harvard. She and David purchased their first home and settled down to start a family. All her hopes and dreams were coming true according to plan—until the family didn’t happen. After spending seven years begging God for a child, Amanda discovered that God gives only one hope: Jesus. Amanda having a baby wasn’t to be her happy ending. Finding wholeness by hoping only in God was her happy ending!

Using Amanda’s personal stories, and the stories of other women who have struggled to have children, Barren Among the Fruitful surrounds those women struggling with infertility or miscarriage with a sense of community while providing honest facts. It leads women from confusion to understanding. Each chapter is titled with a well-meaning, but sometimes thoughtless comments Amanda was offered during her seven-year struggle with infertility.

While I've never struggled with infertility, that doesn't negate the fact that millions of hearts are broken daily by it. Infertility is a heartbreaking condition that many women in my life have experienced, or are currently going through. This book is a real, honest look at infertility and is written by someone who knows the pain firsthand. She infuses humor into every chapter by titling them with questions often asked of women.

Amanda uses personal stories from women who have struggled with infertility or miscarriage to create a powerful book that will help women navigate this difficult road. I definitely recommend this book, and I will be passing my copy along to a friend who is on this journey right now.

Who I Am, Was, and Will Be in Christ
By Ashley Linne

As women, we are constantly on a search for self-worth. In today’s world, can be easy to measure our significance by what we do for others rather than out of a deep-rooted sense of identity.

Based on the book of Romans, Inseparable aims to give an overview of our identity in Christ from the grand narrative of Scripture as a whole. Throughout the book, guided Bible study sections will lead readers to discover truths in Scripture for themselves and challenge them to apply those truths to their everyday thought processes and choices. Readers are encouraged to look to Christ for approval, identity, and significance rather than themselves or the world around them. Readers will be enabled to live confidently and securely in today’s culture, ready to face life’s challenges with strength and courage.

This book begins each chapter by telling you who you are in Christ using Romans eight.  There is then commentary added and other scriptures to help explain her points.  Then you are pointed to other chapters in Romans for more study.  Such an amazing study!  It’s also an inspiration for any woman who has struggled with self-esteem {umm hello}.  This book is packed with uplifting and embracing advice.

A Call to Make Jesus Famous
By: Sarah Francis Martin

It is common to look at our faith as something that just “is”. It’s not strong, nor is it weak; it’s simply a part of us. But faith is something we desire to strengthen. It is a vital relationship with our Lord that should be nurtured, celebrated, and shouted from the rooftops as the most incredible gift we will ever receive.

Just RISE UP! is a call to do just that. This invigorating study motivates women to do life differently by making Jesus famous in all aspects of life.

Many have the itch to make a difference with their lives but don’t know how. By living a life of praise, with a humble posture and a Kingdom perspective, women will step into their life purpose. With Just RISE UP! readers will evaluate their present stance before the Lord and become excited to RISE UP! and take their place in the Kingdom to make the name of Jesus renowned.

There are five chapters, and each chapter has five sections. Each chapter section has a life experience or teaching commentary followed by a journal section with prompts, scripture and meditations on portions of Psalm 145. These journaling sections are rich and meaty, and if you complete them you will truly have a testimony of working through and thinking about Psalm 145. Studying Psalm 145, you will learn how to put Jesus first in your life by acts of worship, prayer, praise, and even acts of service to others.

These books were provided to me free of charge by Book Look in return for my honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.