Thankful {15/30} + {16/30} + {17/30}

Wow, look how behind I am.  This weekend was ridiculously busy and got away from me before I knew it.

{15/30} Today I am thankful for littles with a giving heart. Littles that are willing to get up at o'dark thirty and go to the church to help with a clothing and soup ministry, never complaining once. And I'm super thankful for all their parents who drove them and staid to help!

{16/30} Today I am thankful for a day of nearly nothing. A day of worship, family dinner then relaxing in my pajamas the rest of the day. A day of hand holding, coffee drinking and napping. It was a day much needed!

{17/30} Today I am thankful for that still small voice. Thankful that He speaks value, love and worth into my heart and encourages me to be who He designed me to be. I'm thankful for discernment and that familiar tug on my heart gently guiding me. And I'm so so so thankful He never gives up on this slow learner.