One Little Word - 2015

Here we are, starting a new year. I have to admit, there is a big part of me that thrills over the fresh beginning in front of us and ahead of us is all unwritten. It’s like a fresh blanket of white snow that no footsteps are in yet.

For years, I've picked a word to be my “one little word” for the year. Two years ago I shook it up some and picked a verse of the year. Last year I was a total trendsetter and did both.

While I was thinking and praying for my one little word, I spent some time reading Ali Edwards blog {she is the creator of one little word}. Wow, there are some amazing, inspiring words for 2015! Inspire, calm, still, thrive, whole and forward are just a few of the words others have chosen. Wow, are those not some awesome words!

As I was praying, God kept giving me the same word over and over again. This happens every year. And every year, without a doubt, I find myself saying “Are you sure? I mean maybe I just misunderstood.” I always pout around, feel slighted and wish I had a “cool kid” word. And then, as every other year, I realize I'm being a selfish spoiled brat.

I’m fairly certain if God gives you a word, that you should take it and embrace it. And with that, I give you my word for 2015.


I was thinking about some of my goals for 2015...

1) To nurture and create peace within some difficult relationships in my life. If nothing else, to create peace inside myself by accepting where these relationships lie.

2) To create an atmosphere of peace in my household. To make it a peaceful retreat that my family is excited to come home to.

3) To be at peace with myself, with who I am and who God has transformed me into.

Peace within myself, inner peace, seeking peacefulness and a calm in my heart, nurturing peace around me - with family, in my work and in the world.

I've claimed this word and verse as my theme for the next 365 days. I’m going to post it where I can see it daily, maybe in a few different places, and meditate on it often. This one little word is between God and I. It’s something that I've really felt He has been trying to work on in my heart lately.

Peace to me means quiet moments where I am fully present. Simple pleasures that fill me with a calmness that I needed. I love peace. It speaks to me of Faith, of coffee on my porch with my devotional, of holding my husbands hand while watching a movie and long quiet walks.

I have a journal that I write in daily, and my word of the year makes an appearance often.  In my daily “God talk” time, I ask God to show me what He has to teach me about the word in my life, and then I collect quotes, Bible verses, sermon notes, conversation tidbits, impressions, etc. by jotting them down in my journal, one thought to a page.

As we head into the New Year, would you want to join me and prayerfully consider claiming a word and verse for the year? I’m sure God has a special one just for you. Write the word and verse down, pray about it, journal about it and open your heart for whatever lessons God has in store for you.