Friday {Five}

I've decided to start a new little weekly feature here...Friday {Five}.  I figured I would combine three things I love {photography, my life and my blog} and feature it on the best day of the week...Friday.  Basically summing up my week in five pictures with a little recap.  I know, I'm super stoked too!!

1.  This is our sweet new bantie chick, Spencer.  She is absolutely one of the sweetest chick we've ever had.  She's always just so super sweet {and sleepy}.

2.  This week we got one of the craziest eggs. Our girls have actually always laid normal eggs, from the get go. We've never gotten a ghost egg that new layers are famous for. This little weirdness was normal shell with just white inside, no yolk. I have a suspicion who it was from, and she's being bullied right now. I'd love to hear from any other chicken owners on their opinion.

3.  I'm giving fermented feed and grains a little go. So far, so good. Our girls LOVE it and nearly knock it out of my hand racing for it.

4. Watching these little beauties grow. Super excited about some of the new breeds we'll have through these little ones. This is chicken math in full force y'all!

5. An entire Saturday was spent with these skating, shopping, eating and most of all laughing. Love these kids, and their hearts for Jesus!