30 Life Lessons To Instill In Your Sons Heart

Boys will be boys, that's for sure. But the concept "well what can you do, they're typical boys" doesn't necessarily resonate with me. I think so many times in this world, we give up on our sons before we give them a chance.

What we should be doing is teaching them to be gentlemen. A godly, respectful, kind young man. We are quick to remind our girls that they are daughters of the King, but how often do we remind our boys that they are a son of the King? How can we do that? By instilling important lessons in their heart.
  1. Love the Lord. Love Him with all your heart, mind and strength. {Luke 10:27}
  2. Respect her. She is a lady, please treat her as one. {1 Peter 3:7}
  3. You are unique. You are God’s handiwork, crafted by Him and for His good pleasure. He uniquely designed you to be you alone, comfortable in your own skin. {Psalm 139:13}
  4. Respect your elders. Look them in the eye. Take the time to listen to what they have to say. I mean really listen. Shake their hand. Heed their advice. And defend them if needed. {1 John 4:4}
  5. Choose a spouse that is also your best friend. That will make you happiest in the end.
  6. Control your temper. When you get angry, calm down and start doing what God has called you to do. You can be bitter or better—it's up to you! {Proverbs 29:11}
  7. Do what needs to be done. Without being told. Don’t wait to be asked when you know what you should do. If you see it, do it. 
  8. Take telling. Consider it an opportunity to learn and grow. {Proverbs 3:11}
  9. Create your own path. Be ready to create your own path in life. You can choose the wide path or the narrow path, it is your choice. Just be sure you choose wisely.
  10. Life is not a fairy-tale. Life, love, and relationships are not like the movies. 
  11. Have a servant's heart. Give back to your community. While you’re doing good for others, it really does the most for you! To humbly serve is a very manly quality. Don’t let anyone ever tell you differently. Follow Christ’s example. {Mark 10:45}
  12. Have integrity. Strive to be honest and just. Work to develop a strong ethical foundation. Have a code of morals that you stick to. To be respected a man must be a person of morals and live a godly life. Someday you will be the head of your household and will need stability and common sense. A leader that is followed willingly is a man who has character and integrity.
  13. Love your neighbors. Leave your mark by loving each and every person your life touches, those who love you and those who don’t. Love has no conditions. It expects nothing in return. It gives freely, multiplies and grows. Do this and everything else will work itself out. {Mark 12:31}
  14. Your wife should be the #1 woman in your life. As much as it breaks my heart to say this, she should be before even me. I'm confident that I've raised you with enough love in your heart for both of us. {Genesis 2:24}
  15. Don't give in. I'm sure you've already experienced this pressure more than we know. Pressure to talk a certain way, to treat girls a certain way, to be disrespectful, to smoke, drink or do drugs. You don't need any of those to have a good time. You possess the strength and character to walk away. God will help you stand. You don’t have to give in.
  16. Laugh! It’s the best stress reliever. One of the biggest gifts God has blessed you with is your sense of humor. Seriously, cannot even count how many times I've laughed to the point of my stomach hurting. We've had soooo many great times laughing in this household. Don't ever forget how to laugh. {Psalm 126:2}
  17. Keep your word. A gentleman follows through on what he says he will do. {1 John 2:5}
  18. Don't just settle for a spouse. Wait. God has just the right one for you. We've been praying for her. She is out there, right now, praying for you. {Proverbs 18:22}
  19. Go on vacation with your family at least once a year. Families need to learn how to vacation with one another. They need to learn how to spend time together, unplugged, and just enjoy each other.
  20. Be polite. Like Thumper's mama said If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all. 
  21. Be creative! You grew up with a mama wielding a glue gun in one hand and sequins in the other. And a dad who sang crazy, made-up songs. 
  22. You are known by the friends you keep. Bad company corrupts good morals. {I Corinthians 15:33}
  23. I believe in you. I am so super confident that God is doing so many amazing things in your life, things you can't even fathom right now. God has a purpose and plan for your life. Always follow His lead and He will take you amazing places. 
  24. Work hard. Be known as a hard worker. God wants us to work hard and do our jobs well. He wants us to be an example to the world of what good hard work can bring. Remember, dirt washes off. {Proverbs 6:6}
  25. Credit cards are evil. Seriously. Live without debt. Money problems ruin marriages, friendships and jobs.
  26. Be a gentleman. Step back to let her in the door first. Hold that door open for her. Offer to carry heavy items for her. Protect and defend her. 
  27. Friendships are important. Invest in strong, loyal friendships. The kind of friend who “sticks closer than a brother” {Proverbs 18:24}
  28. Be soft. Don't ever be too "manly" to hold your wife's hand, say I love you and kiss her goodnight. Don't ever be ashamed to let your daughter put makeup on you or have a tea party with her. 
  29. Take that second chance. Sometimes it might even take a third, fourth and fifth chance. Every day is a new start. Use that brand new day to get it right, to kiss her face, to say no, to say I’m sorry, to ask forgiveness, to do it over and to make a new start. I want you to know that this is what God is about. Grace. He wants to give you as many chances as it takes, just don’t ever stop taking them.
  30. It's okay to cry. It really is. Boys are always pushed so hard to be tough. But I want you to know real men are tender, they defend those who can't defend themselves and they care about others. They cry when their beautiful wives walk down the aisle and when they see their sweet babies face for the first time. And it's okay!

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