Calling All Prayer Warriors

I'm asking today that you join me in prayer for a young man who needs a miracle. I know his family would love your prayers for a miraculous turnaround in events.

Dylan is fighting a battle with the heart of a warrior. He was diagnosed with leukemia almost two years ago. He was in remission for about 18 months after his first round of treatment, but relapsed this past February. He was given T-cells, and we are praying they start doing their job and kill the leukemia!

This past Thursday he was moved to ICU.  He was starting to have side effects that couldn't be handled on the oncology floor. He's been having fevers and other symptoms and they wanted him monitored more closely. Yesterday morning they decided to put him on a ventilator as he was having labored breathing.  They also have him sedated so he doesn't pull his lines out. Another reason they wanted him on a ventilator was if the T-cells start working, it can get out of hand and quickly.  So this is the safest for him now.

Little did leukemia know, it picked on the wrong warrior. Lets storm the gates of heaven together today and lift Dylan and his family up in prayer.  Please pass this request on to other warriors, so we can all lift Dylan up together.  Thank you!

Dear Heavenly Father, we praise You for Your glorious works and we are amazed with Your continued blessings in our lives. We ask you today, Lord, to please send healing to Dylan who is undergoing treatment for Leukemia. His battle has been strong, Lord. We pray that this is just a minor setback and that the T-cells start killing the Leukemia. Lord, please reassure him that You are with him on this difficult journey, that he has You to lean on. I pray that You wrap Your loving arms around Dylan and his family, and comfort them as only You can. I ask that You send Your healing mercy to him and restore his blood to normal, healthy blood. We thank you Lord for all the strength You have already given him and his family during this difficult illness. We praise you Lord for all your wondrous works. Amen.

He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge.  Psalm 91:4