Feast Your Eyes on My New Blog Design!

Were y'all super surprised today when you looked at my blog?  I know, super pretty right?  

I have to admit, I can't leave things alone.  I just can't.  Every few years I must paint a room in my house or move furniture around.  And I love when the seasons change {aka...fall} and I can put out different decorations.  I guess my blog is the same way, I just get bored with it looking the same every day and I have to give it a little makeover.  

I'm also pretty spontaneous and impatient.  So when the urge struck me yesterday, I was off searching for a new template.  I have to admit, the fonts on the header drew me to this one.  

I'm sure I'll be working out some kinks here and there for a while, so bear with me.  But in the mean time, enjoy the pretty!  And if you come across any issues, shoot me an email or a comment and let me know.