Today's prompt: Record a VLOG! It can be about anything you'd like!

So, when I read today's prompt I was like what will I say, how will I ever talk on one subject, oh my goodness I'm so nervous...and then I started talking and talked so much I took up all the room on my phone.  This is seriously like take 7, so by this time I was sure not going to record it again.  The end is cut off basically because I'm too wordy (and take too many pics that obviously occupy all my iPhone space).  So here is the ending in typed form...you know a photographer has to go where the best lighting is!  I’m so excited to go watch everyone else’s vlogs, and get to put voices with the blogs I stalk daily! Have a super great day y’all!

So here it is y'all, my very first ever VLOG!

My very first Vlog! from amy cutler on Vimeo.

Side-note...I never realized how much I talk with my hands until I watched this video.