Today's prompt: Tell us about one of the best days of your life.

This prompt was a hard one for me and took quite a bit of thinking.  I've had some days throughout my life that could arguably be deemed the best one yet.  How do I narrow those down to just one day?  I started thinking about which great day made the biggest impact on my life?

The day I was adopted.

While I don't exactly remember this day {I was only 3 days old y'all} I've heard the story many times. I've wrote about it a few times on my blog and thought today would be a perfect time to republish those posts.

A young teenage girl found out she was pregnant.
She was afraid.
She was ashamed.
She was embarrassed.
She was judged.
She was confused.
The road ahead was filled with tough decisions.
Running away from them was not an option.
In front of her sat a "quick fix".
It meant no one would know.
The shame would end.
She would no longer have to be afraid.
Though her baby was just starting to develop, she already loved it.
She couldn't take the quick fix.
Her faith was strong.
She knew what was right.
She chose life.
The most selfless decision she could make.
God brought a wonderful woman into her life.
A woman who heard her story, but never judged.
She reminded her of God's love and grace.
She hugged her while wiping her tears.
She told her of a dear friend who struggled with infertility.
And with that, a decision was made.
A decision she knew would leave her heartbroken.
For 9 months, the life grew inside her.
She felt every bump and every kick.
She watched her belly grow twice it's size.
Every passing day her heart broke a little more.
She knew the hardest day of her life was right around the corner.
Eventually the day came.
She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
The reality fell heavy on her heart.
Tears rolled down her face.
She had so many fears.
And felt a void already.
But she knew it was God's will.
She handed her baby over to the wonderful woman.
And watched her walk away.
In her young mind, she had no idea what an impact that single moment would make.
That one day, she would be that baby girls hero.
For choosing to give her to an amazing family.
For choosing to have a selfless heart.
For choosing life.

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.
Jeremiah 1:5

Two women who didn't know each other made a decision that would forever change their lives and the life of a sweet baby girl. They both had such a selfless heart, one making the ultimate sacrifice and the other opening her home and her heart. I am so thankful for the hand God had in all of our lives.

It makes my Mama heart ache when I think of my birth-mother handing me over to that sweet lady. Watching her walk out of the hospital and get into a car and drive away, knowing that there was a possibility she would never see me again. The strength and selflessness it took to make that decision at such a young age still amazes me.

It makes my Mama heart jump with joy when I think of my adoptive mother waiting for her precious new bundle to be delivered to her. How she must have felt so over-the-moon but still felt a little ache in her heart knowing someone else gave up their baby so she could experience motherhood.

So today, I am reflecting back on the absolute greatest day of my life. A day I don't remember, but one that impacted every aspect of my life. My adoption was such an amazingly beautiful thing and I love telling the story. I am truly so blessed to have never once felt an ounce of resentment or anger, to have somehow understood from an early age that it was just right.  To have never questioned it, to never have felt different but instead felt fortunate that I had two sets of parents when most kids only had one.  And  most of all to have an adoptive Mother and Father that absolutely supported me in finding my birth parents and understanding why I needed that.  My mama told me that she never felt threatened by it because she knew she had raised me with enough love in my heart for all of them.  She's an amazing, amazing woman.

It's a perfect example to me of how God has His hands in our lives, even when we don't realize it.  And oh how thankful I am for that!!!