Today's prompt: Tell us about your blog name. Where did it come from?

When I began my blog nine years ago, it began as Cutler Family Chronicles. It was a way to share my scrapbook pages and a way to keep in touch with family.  I would share our day to day happenings, funny stories and my layouts.  

As the Lord started working on me and changing my heart, my writing changed as well.  I found a post that I wrote not long after my husband left.  There is a paragraph in it that was the pivotal point where my writing style changed: 
I know this is probably hard for some of you to understand. All I can ask is that respect me and trust me enough to know this is what is best for everyone right now. Just support us, pray for us and encourage us. And hopefully in the end everyone can look at us and what we have been through and find one encouraging thing in it to put to use in your own life and marriage.
From that point on, my heart was in helping marriages and encouraging women.  It still remained Cutler Family Chronicles until a few years ago. 

I had just read a book on the Song of Solomon and relating it to intimacy in marriage.  I fell in love with Song of Solomon 6:3 and even got a tiny tattoo of it.

While thinking of the verse on day, I realized I'm not only my husbands beloved but I'm also Gods.  He loved ME enough to send His son to die for me.  And I will forever be His beloved.  Even during seasons of my life when I didn't even give Him a thought, He was still pursuing my heart.