Today's prompt: Share your style. What fashion trends do you love, frequent, or avoid?

While I wouldn't say that I'm all that into fashion, I do enjoy clothes.  I guess my style could be explained as simple and country.  I'm just a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl.  And every single time I ask my husband which outfit of mine I look the best in {tell me I'm not the only girl that asks that question} I always get the same response from him...jeans and t-shirt.  

I'm not sure I'm much of a trend follower. And I've never really been a girlie girl that liked to dress up either. I'm a big fan of jeans. And t-shirts. And boots.  And flannels.  And scarves.   I think these are all pretty timeless.  So hopefully I never have to worry about being out of style. 

T-shirts.  I love finding shirts that I know are obscure and I know not many people around here, if any at all, will have the same shirt.  On day four, I mentioned one of my passions is being different.  Hence why I love buying my shirts from little shops online.  I love bold, graphic tees that make a statement.  Sassy since birth.  I love big beards and I cannot lie.  Jesus loves this hot mess.  

Jeans.  I could live in jeans, for real.  They are just me, and they've always been.  My current obsession is jeggings because they are so versatile.  In the winter they work perfectly to wear with boots, in the summer they look cute with Toms.  

Flannels.  This girl has been wearing flannels since college.  Even when they went out of style for a while, I still wore them.  And now they're back in...hallelujah!  If you want to wear a t-shirt but it's a little too cool, throw a flannel over top.  Too hot to wear a flannel in the summer?  Tie it around your waist.  Yep, love them.

Boots.  Oh, where do I even begin.  I've been wearing boots my entire life.  In fact, I have a scar on my leg from running to the playground in elementary school in my favorite cowboy boots.  Cowboy boots.  Work boots.  Rain boots.  Ankle boots.  Combat boots.  Knee high boots.  No matter, I love them all.  And I may own just a pair or two too many, but I'd never admit that to my husband.  

Scarves.  Two years ago, I found a new winter obsession to pass the time...knitting!  When the weather starts to get cooler, I start getting the urge to knit.  Thankfully, my daughter loves to knit too.  So our winter evenings are usually filled with Netflix, coffee and knitting.  

What trends are you loving? What is your signature style? What trends do you wish would come back or trends that should have never happened?