Today's prompt: What are you up to currently?

Reading... Blessed Blessed Blessed by Missy Robertson for my next review.
Playing... catch up on cleaning. How can two adults + two teens wreck a house so fast?
Watching... Big Brother! We're winding down to the last few people, and most of them I can't stand.
Trying... to stay grounded and not allow my mind to spin, which makes this girl stress.
Cooking... nah, pizza for dinner tonight.
Eating... the last cookie before someone else notices it's the last.
Drinking... Pumpkin spice coffee, my morning favorite.
Calling... to book a weekend away for my love and I.  Ridiculously excited!
Texting... with Joe, always.
Pinning... Fall decor.  I'm obsessed.
Tweeting... my last book review Gather Around the Amish Table.
Going... to have a house full tonight {which means giving the pup a nerve pill}
Loving... seeing the trees just beginning to change.
Hating... how much judgment people throw at others, without even giving it a second thought.
Discovering... that many days I need to read my own blog, and take my own advice.
Working (on)... the current chapter and questions for this weeks ladies Bible study.
Feeling... grateful for so many things {and people} in my life.
Hoping (for)... the Lord to make BIG moves in lives and their eyes to be opened to them.
Listening (to)... George Jones radio on Spotify.
Celebrating... the quiet moments.
Smelling... fall, which means pumpkin spice candles burning!
Ordering... a bread machine, not having one makes me totally sad.
Obsessing... over oh-so-many Pinterest DIY projects I want to make.
Considering... purchasing a journaling Bible.  Artwork + the Lords Word is a great combo!
Daydreaming... about the opportunities the Lord is bringing to my life.

What are YOU up to currently?