Today's prompt: What's on your to-read list, and what have you recently read?

I’ve been in love with reading for as long as I can remember. I am so so super thankful for a Mama who encouraged me to read. Growing up, every night my Mama and I would shut the TV off early (some nights at 8 pm) and go to bed and read. Some of my fav memories are snowy Sunday afternoons, curled up under a blanket reading. I would be in my chair and she would be in hers. I didn't want to play video games, or spend hours of my life watching TV; I just wanted to get lost in a book.  But it’s more than that, there is a connection between words and me. My mama says it's because I'm wordy :) It’s one of the reasons I enjoy blogging. And I feel completely blessed that part of that blogging is doing book reviews.

Here are some books that I've read and reviewed recently.

I took this book on vacation with us, and dove into it straight away. I was excited to learn more about this family who’d already endeared themselves to me through their television series and their display of faith. I wasn’t disappointed. The one unique, refreshing, and comforting quality that recurred throughout the book was the raw honesty and transparency. Jep and Jessica are very candid, holding nothing back, while they share. Written in first person, alternating chapters, I love how this book flows. It’s like sitting in on a conversation. I absolutely loved this book!  You can read my full review HERE.

I've been stalking this sweet girl since our scrapbooking days. when Scarlette was born, I followed Kayla's blog. So every chance she had to post, I was there reading the update. I prayed for this tiny soul back then. I prayed for Kayla's Mama heart, knowing it was hurting. You can read my full review HERE.

I was so ridiculously excited to be chosen as part of the book launch team for this book! As I began reading the book, I was blown away by how much I could relate. I wish I could put into words how this book spoke directly to my heart. I absolutely couldn't put it down, I felt as if I was reading my own story.  You can find the full review HERE.

Here are some books that I want to read.

I'm a huge HUGE VC Andrews fan, and have read nearly all the books in every series. So my winter to-read list includes all the new books in The Diary Series.  The Diary Series is a spin-off of the Dollanganger Series, which included the famous Flowers in the Attic.

My husband works for the state plowing in the winter, so my littles and I spend a lot of evenings and weekends at home, snowed in.  Those are my favorite days to snuggle up under a cushie blanket and just read the day away.  Normally it was just me reading but my daughter has found her own love for reading in the past year!  I see lots of reading days in our future, yay!