A Letter to my Future Daughter-in-Law

To my sweet, sweet future Daughter-in-Law,

Years ago, as I held that sweet little toe-headed boy in my arms and gently rocked him to sleep, I knew some day I would hand him off to you.  And at that moment, I began praying for you.  As I watched my son grow, I prayed that God would create a woman to love him just for who God made him to be, and that He would bring you both together in His timing.

There will come a day when this boy will be yours. The newborn in my arms in the shadows of midnight, the blur of blonde hair racing down the stairs in Barney pajamas on Christmas morning, the jeans and tractor shirt wearing preschooler not sure why he has to go to school and the eight-year-old tenderhearted boy refusing to spar a girl. That sweet boy will be yours. He will always be mine, but you will take my place in many ways.

It will be you to comfort him when he's scared.  It will be you who kisses him goodnight.  It will be you he shares his dreams and aspirations with.  It will be you who holds his heart.  The same heart that beat against my chest as I rocked him to sleep each night.  It will be your eyes that are his peace.  It will be your heart that is his home.  

Sweet girl, that is now you.

Right now, you are everything to your parents.  And how I pray you are cherished, loved on, praised and upheld.  I pray you are being taught that you're a daughter of the King.  I pray you are shown and told what a gift you are.

I am raising my son to view you that same way.

His Dad and I also did our best to show him what a Godly marriage looks like. It wasn't perfect by any means, but it was full of love, joy, peace, forgiveness and selflessness. Marriage isn't something the world holds in a very high esteem, and certainly not Christian marriages. And there will be obstacles thrown in your way. But when it's a marriage centered with Christ those obstacles can be overcome.

Sweet girl, I’m so thankful for you! I promise to let him leave, and cleave! His father and I want to always be a support to you both, and don’t think for a minute that if you have children that we won’t be the best grandparents in the world! But we know that our role changes when you say your vows to one another. We will love you and help you, even if that means stepping aside when we want to jump in. And I have a feeling this "fix-it-Mama" will have to sit on her hands to keep from doing that. But no matter what, we promise to love you both and to encourage you together as a family!

Treat yourself with the respect that you deserve as a lady. Don’t unwrap the beauty of who you are for anyone else. My son has been taught to do the same for you. Please please protect your heart, your mind and your body.  It will be worth it. Look forward to the amazing man that awaits you! There are so many good and wonderful blessings ahead for you. I already know that you are one of the best blessings for me too.

I love you, my daughter-in-law. If I didn’t, I could never pass on to you my most precious son. 

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