Thankful {20/30} + {21/30}

How is it possible that time gets away from me so quickly this year? I refuse to associate that with getting older. I mean, we all clearly know I haven't aged since I was 29.

{20/30} Today I am thankful for a semi-small date night with my sweet man.  Even though it was spent with him watching Conan (or some complete boy movie) and me playing candy crush, I still got to spend it with him.

{21/30} Today I am thankful for shooting the last wedding of my busy season. I love my job, LOVE MY JOB, but I also love weekends spent with my family. Especially around the holidays. I'm also thankful for my busy season, for a job that allows me such flexibility, that I'm my own boss and that I can set as my desk in my pajamas.