Thankful {5/30}

God has truly blessed me with the BEST, most amazing friends ever. I honestly don't know what I would do without each and every one of them in my life. I've realized throughout the years that I don't need a bucketful of friends, all I need is handful of true friends. How lucky am I to actually have that! I am completely blessed to have these amazing gals in my life.

One of them has even been there since basically we were babies, bless her heart. Our mama's and dads were friends so it was a given we would be too. I don't know how she has dealt with my "Amyness" for that long. And one of them has been there since high school. We can still sit and talk for hours, laugh like crazy and just enjoy the fellowship of each other. Our "girl days" are the most amazing thing...movies, jammies, tons of food, laughter...perfection!!

My handful of friends might each look different, and have different personalities, but I hold each of them close to my heart. And I know that with one phone call they would be here for me, and I for them.

Love y'all!