An Open Letter To Those Who Have Walked Out Of My Life

Dear those who have left,

I have a lot to say.  I have so many words that I've held inside and never spoke.  And today, it's time.

I will always love you. I know that sounds unbelievable for me to say.  Especially since you're the one who chose to walk out of my life.  But those words hold true.

You knew from the beginning that I was someone who would always be there for you.  That no matter what your needs were, I would go above and beyond to try my best to meet those needs.  I would care for you and make sure that no matter what kind of day you were having, I was going to be your cheerleader. When you're having a good day, I was there celebrating with you and enjoying the victories that you achieved. When you had bad days, I was there to make sure that you got back up and kept on fighting. I wanted to see you become a productive member of society.  I wanted to see you succeed. I wanted to see you achieve every single dream and aspiration that you ever thought of.  I wanted you to always choose the high road, no matter how hard that path was.  I wanted to show you what the true meaning of family was. I was the one that loved hard, and fell harder. 

Now that I am done explaining myself, I want to thank you for a couple of things that you taught me while you walked out of my life and chose to go into a different direction, chose to leave the person that would never dream of leaving you for others who you've just met, or just chose to lose touch along the way.

I want to thank you for showing me that I have such an amazing heart.  For showing me that I love so hard, and I, in turn, may not get the same. And that is okay. You taught me that I am able to love and care for someone and look out for them because it came from my heart, not because I wanted to gain anything from it. 

I want to thank you for not only walking out of my life, but showing me that the love and care I showed you was all for nothing. Once again, that is also okay. All the while that you were doing this to me, I was in turn learning something very valuable about myself. I learned to never give your all to people in hopes that they will do the same for you. Give your all to them and expect nothing in return.  The truth of the matter is, people will never have the same heart and love you have in your heart.  You can't love someone into loving you back.  I thank you for not only helping me realize that, but making me a stronger person for doing so.

I want to thank you for showing my children a new-found appreciation for those constants in their life, the ones that are there and never leave.  Though it's hard for me to see past the hurt and find the lessons they've learned, I know they are there.

I thank you for the memories made while we had our relationship, and I will always cherish those times. They were amazing. I am grateful and happy to know that you're off doing well (at least I hope) and that you're becoming the best person that you can be, and that is something we should all strive to do every single day.

If you're reading this, I love you. Though our relationship can never return to what it was, I will always wish you well.  And I pray you always remember to take the high road, no matter the cost.