My Journey

If you've followed my blog for any amount of time, you know I keep it real here. And while I haven't made a weight loss post for a long time, loooooong time, today it's finally time.

The past few years have been hard; physically, emotionally and mentally. And honestly, half of 2015 was as well. My weight loss journey had been pushed aside. It's was basically non-existent. Not only did I have physical limitations but I guess I had some mental ones as well. There were times I wanted to just throw in the towel and give up on my journey.  And on so many days, I did just that. So many days I felt defeated, broken and like a failure. I felt like I not only let myself down but also those people that always told me I had inspired them. I was embarrassed and many days didn't want to leave the house and have others see me. And honestly, I was angry. I was so angry at myself.


Halfway through 2015, something clicked. And I refused to let circumstances defeat me anymore. I refused to be broken. This girl right here, she's a strong one. Finally, I was determined.

It didn't come with flashes, bells or whistles. It didn't need to be broadcast daily on Facebook. It simply didn't need to be a public fight. It was a path I needed to walk quietly alone.

It came with a ferociousness that felt so familiar to me. It came with a determination that I loved. And it came with confidence that no matter the outcome, I loved my body as is. That, my friends, was the key I had been missing.

So far my weight loss hasn't been an astronomical amount, it isn't mind-blowingly obvious, but it's all mine.  It's a beautiful song and dance between my mind and my body, and I'm loving every minute of it.

2016 will hold more of my journey, more ups and downs. But I know in my heart, my body will be loved.