YouGov Review

If you're like me, I'm sure at some point you've saw one of your Facebook friends mention YouGov. And if not a friend, then you've saw the million posts in the Facebook yard-sale groups. No? Well let me take a quick moment to introduce you (unannoyingly) to YouGov.

YouGov is an interesting and easy survey website. I was one of those people who sign up for free in this website a few months a ago and I quickly filled up all my profile information.  The more information they have, the better they can match you with surveys.  And with that, my fun journey with this site began. Since signing up, they have started to send me surveys from one time a week to a few times a week. The best part of these surveys were all very short: 1 to 5 minutes the most. Average survey is less than 2 minutes and then you will earn from 150-250 points immediately once you finish the survey. Super fast, super easy...I can handle that!

Once you achieve 5000 points , you can choose whatever reward you want from this website and redeem your points for your reward. You can choose anything from a YouGov tshirt to a prepaid Visa gift card! The nice thing about so many people participating is you know it's legit. I've watched multiple friends on Facebook redeem their points for a $100 prepaid Visa giftcard! Who doesn't like free money, hello...yes please!

You can sign up for free and join YouGov here: YouGov