The Day Is Finally Here

We are leaving for our vaca! I cannot wait to spend an entire week with my loves. I have big plans of laying on the beach daily, shark free please. I can't wait to do my morning devotions while sitting by the ocean watching the sun rise. And walking the boardwalk every evening, while enjoying super yummy food. I'm not taking my laptop along, so no pics this year until we get back. I made the executive decision that this is a fam vacation to spend time together, technology free. Although I'm sure there will be an Instagram pic here or there!

PS...what I won't be doing this vaca is riding those willy nilly bikes that you can rent on the boardwalk in the early morning.  I had a bad experience with those when I was little.  I may or may not have knocked down a little Chinese man.  And peddled away quickly while he yelled at me in a different language.  No desire to go through that again.  None.