Hello August, goodbye July {Seriously, where did summer go?}
Hello Birthday, goodbye feeling young {I am not even kidding...yeow was this year a hard one}
Hello school, goodbye days spent with my youngest little
Hello whirlwind weekend of seeing my NY family, and my youngest brother marry his love

Hello to my baby being a senior, goodbye having babies {again, where does time go?}
Hello canning season, goodbye bare cupboards
Hello pictures nearly every single day, and editing my life away
Hello to a long, stressful day in the hospital during my Dads surgery {would love y'alls prayers}

Hello end of summer 4wheeler rides with this gorgeous man
Hello resisting the urge to decorate for fall as soon as the kids go to school {that's a hard one}
Hello to my new coop being done, and having the most amazing hardworking husband!
What are YOU saying hello and goodbye to?