Meal Planning Monday

This week the littles go back to school so that means it's officially back to planning my weekly meals!

Monday- Baked Ziti

Tuesday- Creamy Chicken and Rice Casserole...this is super super yummy and it's easy!

Wednesday -  Crock Pot Pierogies and Alfredo Noodles, a big dinner of comfort requested by my youngest for her first day back to school.

Thursday - Baked Potato Chowder and Bread Bowls. This is an absolute FAV of my family and there is very seldom any leftovers at all.

Friday - Crockpot Chicken, Gravy and Stuffing but mine will be made with homemade chicken stock and homemade stuffing...mmm, I bet it will be delish!

Saturday - A busy day full of photoshoots and a wedding.

Sunday - We'll be traveling all day, so grabbing something quick on the road.  Fingers crossed for Chik-fil-A.