Reflecting On 40

Today is my thirty-something-kinda-ish-but-not-really birthday and I want y'all to come along with me as I take a glance back at the past year. Thinking of what all this past year has held blows my mind. Honestly, it's been one of the most blessed years ever! Though trying at times, I am overwhelmed with joy to see all that I experienced in the last 12 months! So let's go for a little time-travel and reflect on my journey.

August was filled with lots of canning. Visiting a few Amish farms. School shopping. Visiting the wound clinic insane amounts for my leg. Spending as much time with my littles as I could before school started. Excitedly watching my oldest start college and my littlest start her junior year. And finally becoming tired of the Not Enoughs.

In September I participated in Blogtember by Brave Love Blog, and I enjoyed every day of it! We went to the truck pulls and Harvestfest, had some yummy food and bought some cute crafts.  In the aftermath of the Ashley Madison hack, while widespread heartache was happening, I wrote a post the To The Wife That Just Found Out.  And I wrote to My Future Son-In-Law.

October held 2 weddings, 13 senior sessions and 4 family sessions.  Whew, what a busy month! I wrote to my Future Daughter-In-Law. Lotsa photo editing. Yeah, October was a bit ridic. It also held a sweet, sweet weekend away with my love! And of course, pumpkin everything!

My November was spent being thankful for oh so many blessings in my life. It also held 5 more sessions, including a wedding.  Putting our tree up. Black Friday shopping. Christmas crafting began.  An amazing trip to NY to visit my birth-family, visiting a cider mill and a family photoshoot with them! And amidst all the chaos, I wrote about Quieting The World.

In December I was over-the-moon to have my Christmas spirit back, it felt magical! But I felt it important to tell others it's okay if Christmas makes you sad. Baking cookies with some sweet girls. Christmas caroling. Making our Christmas cards {one of my fav things!}. We had an amazing, blessed Christmas.  I was reminded of my sweet Grandma while using Her Bowl.  I spent some time reflecting on my sweet Dad, a Man of Gentle Kindness.  And I wrote an open letter to those that have Walked Out of My Life.

This January was my busiest to date with 1 maternity session, 1 boudoir session, wrestling pictures and a newborn session. I shared about the hardest doctors appointment I've ever had, that was so difficult to share.  We had dinner and reconnected with sweet friends.  And I wrote a letter to my body.

Oh February, the month of love. I was blessed and honored to shoot my very first birth session.  I wrote a healing post, Piece by Piece.  Newborn session.  The sickest I've been in years.  We started prom dress shopping for my youngest little.  And my oldest little graduated college and started his first job.  It's been a sweet journey watching him learn how to adult.

March was when I was first introduced to LuLaRoe, and quickly became an addict.  More eggs set in the incubator.  Celebrating my parents Love.  Lots of medical tests.  Easter.  And having my own LuLaRoe party!

In April we hatched out our polish babies.  Volunteering a food bank with the teen group. Looking back on how we've always tried to be that house.  I spent the day with my sweet childhood bests.  And spent another weekend away with my love!

May was full of fun! Celebrating Mother's Day.  Prom x 2.  Three birthdays.  A big birthday shrimp boil with a fun family.  Lots of pictures.  And our own big family photoshoot swapped with another sweet-as-pie photog.  I did a lot of loving on my sweet girl as she walked through a hard valley in her life.  And I wrote a hard post about parenting a child with anxiety.

In June I had 2 weddings. School was over, and my littlest was home with me daily.  Also my youngest got her first job, babysitting 3 sweet kids each Monday.  Joe and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary, which prompted me to write a Open Letter to my Husband. My sweet Dad turned 80, and lots of people sent him cards!  A week of Bible school, and taking on the task of puppets. Father's Day. I wrote about Walking Through Friendship.  And my love and I had yet another weekend away, we've been blessed this year with lots of time reconnecting!  I have a sneaking suspicion God is training us for when we have an empty nest.

July held the best family vacation ever. EVER. It was epic. My oldest proposed to the sweetest girl ever while on vacation.  I did a weekly blog series on Love, Respect and Godly Submission. Being eternally thankful for my God-scripted love story. And lotsa lotsa lotsa pictures.