Today's prompt: What are you up to currently?

Reading... Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst for my next review.
Playing... catch up on cleaning. How can two adults + two teens wreck a house so fast?
Watching... Big Brother! We're winding down to the last few people.
Trying... to stay grounded and not allow my mind to spin, which makes this girl stress.
Cooking... nope
Eating... fingers crossed for Chik-fil-A during today's roadtrip.
Drinking... Dunkin Donuts Caramel Coolata.
Calling... home to check on the chickens and dogs. 
Texting... with our travel buddies.
Pinning... Fall decor.  It's a serious obsession y'all.
Instagraming... pics of this crazy traveling circus of a road-trip.
Going... to the Outer Banks to shoot a sweet couples wedding.
Loving... seeing the trees just beginning to change.
Hating... how quickly people change.
Discovering... that many days I need to read my own blog, and take my own advice.
Working (on)... relaxing and not worrying about the work waiting on me at home.
Feeling... grateful for so many things {and constants} in my life.
Hoping (for)... the Lord to make BIG moves in lives and their eyes to be opened to them.
Listening (to)... Joe's road-trip playlist.
Celebrating... the quiet moments.
Smelling... coffee, a road-trip must with us.
Ordering... some new newborn props for an upcoming shoot.
Obsessing... over oh-so-many Pinterest DIY projects I want to make.
Considering... making some big life changes with my sweet family soon.
Daydreaming... about the opportunities the Lord is bringing to my life.