Today's prompt: Create a playlist. What you're listening to now, what encourages you, holiday favorites, etc.

Oh, how I love music. This a hard one for me to narrow down, the list could literally go on and on. Honestly, some of these songs I'm just now connecting with and some I've connected with my entire life. Music is such a huge part of my life, and I adore every single aspect of it.

This song holds such a oh-so-special place in my heart. When I was a little girl taking piano lessons, this was one of the first hymns I learned. While I was playing, my Dad would sing along. He taught me how to pull the harmony out and pick out those notes. I remember my neighbor saying how they enjoyed sitting on their porch swing listening to me play the piano and us sing this song. Even now, when there is a Sunday we sing this song, my heart does a little leap. And you can bet I belt out those harmonies.
While other teenage girls were crushing on NKOTB and Backstreet Boys, this girl was crushing hard on the Kingsboys. Goodness. Teenage Christian boys that can harmonize. I had every single one of their albums and still bust them out when I'm home alone {everyone else in my house isn't a fan} so I can sing at the top of my lungs. I'm still a sucker for amazing harmonies.  Fairly sure I have my Dad to thank for that.
This is another song special to me because of my Daddy. One of the first records I can remember us having was Statler Brothers hymns. This was one of the songs on that record. I wore that poor record out. I adored this song and listening to my Dad sing it. I'm blessed to have a husband that can sing the best bass around. And sometimes if I turn this song on, I can talk him into singing it with me.  Actually, it doesn't take that much persuading.

Side note...when I'm sitting at my desk editing or browsing Facebook, I always have Gaither Vocal Band radio station on.  My love for quartets and harmonies is serious.
This song, oh this song. So many different ways I connect to it. There have been so many days where I had to fight to take back myself...whether it be on one of my sick days or my battle with weight loss. This song makes me want to continue the fight.

I absolutely love this song. It makes me want to throw my hands in the air and let the tears roll down my face. The words are so powerful...Make me empty so I can be filled 'Cause I'm still holding Onto my will. And I'm completed when you are with me. Make me empty. Isn't that what we all should strive for, less of us and more of Him.
This song also holds such a special place in my heart.  During the time when my husband and I were separated, this is the song I listened to on repeat.  I would text him the lyrics daily.  I would sing along while tears rolled down my face.  And being where we are now in our marriage makes this song even more special.  I know someday we'll be strolling through Heaven, hand in hand.  I want to stroll over Heaven with you some glad day.  When all our troubles and heartaches are vanished away.  Then we'll enjoy the beauty where all things are new.  I want to stroll over Heaven with you
In this family, we enjoy a good car dance party.  And they happen on the daily.  There are a few must haves that are always played during each dance party, and these songs are on the list.  As you can see, this Mama trained her littles to enjoy old school music.  Throw in a little Whitney and the list is complete.  So proud to say my son knows every word to Ice Ice Baby.  And we may or may not have nearly wrecked a few times during the drum solo in Hold On.