Today's prompt:  Share a list of your current goals.

*  Start packing.  Good grief, we leave in two days.  Eeekkkk
*  Clean this house!  Seriously, this house is ridiculous.  And now that the kids are back in school it's time to get my house back in order.
*  Edit, edit, edit.  This time of year is always full of me being behind on editing.
*  Quiet time.  I've sadly gotten out of the habit of start each day in His word with my quiet time.  I can feel my soul longing for that again.
*  Decorate for fall.  This is absolutely my favorite part about fall.  But I cannot bring myself to decorate before my house is in order.  So #2 must happen before this can even be started.
*  Start my fall canning.  Y'all, let's talk about how behind I am this year!  
*  Chicken coop cleaning.  We are in the midst of a big coop move, and during that I need to freshen them all up.  And I may or may not have plans to decorate them a bit.  I mean, chickens appreciate good decor too!