Thankful {14/30}

Today I am thankful for being a country girl. For dirt roads and corn fields. For chicken raising and garden growing. For the ability to change my own oil, bake up a cake from scratch and put shingles on the roof. For learning to drive a 1946 John Deere H when I was 11. For cowboy boots, t-shirts and jeans. For loving to get muddy and spinning out every chance I get. For not being afraid to tackle any task while my husband is at work...whether it's putting new plumbing in the toilet or replacing the thermocoupler on my furnace.  For my Mama showing me how to grow and can my own food. For my Dad teaching me dirt washes off, how to replace a universal joint, how to mix bondo {which I love the smell that weird?} and how to weld and braze. For being country since the first breath I took, even when it wasn't cool. There is no place else I'd rather be than in my little Small Town, USA.