Thankful {25/30}

Today I am thankful for receiving this shirt in the mail, and the gentle reminder it offered.  This sucks, but God is good.  There are a lot of situations that suck...infertility, death, money issues, drugs or being accused of something that just downright isn't true.  But even in the midst of those situations we can cling to one thing...God is good y'all!  And He is good all the time, even the midst of the chaos of life.

Today I am thankful for answered prayers. Even though those answers aren't always what WE think they should be, they are always what HE knows they should be. I'm thankful for His timing, even when this girl is too stubborn to see it.

Today I'm thankful for all the amazing prayer warriors in my life.  It's so, so comforting to know all I need to do is ask and y'all have me covered.  I'm so fortunate and blessed!