Thankful {6/30}

Today I am thankful for my birth mother, who made the most selfless decision 41 years ago. If y'all have read my blog for any amount of time, you know exactly how thankful I am for that. Without that decision, I wouldn't have had the life I did. And I'm so SO thankful that God brought our lives back together after so many years.

My adoption was such an amazingly beautiful thing and I love telling the story. I am truly so blessed to have never once felt an ounce of resentment or anger, to have somehow understood from an early age that it was just right. To have never questioned it, to never have felt different but instead felt fortunate that I had two sets of parents when most kids only had one. And most of all to have an adoptive Mother and Father that absolutely supported me in finding my birth parents and understanding why I needed that. My Mama told me that she never felt threatened by it because she knew she had raised me with enough love in my heart for all of them.

I've also have to be thankful for my birth father, even though he walked out of our lives two years ago {you can read that story here}.  I know God has a purpose and a reason for everything that happens.  And he obviously had a part in my life, or I wouldn't be here and I'm thankful for his part in my adoption as well.

It's a perfect example to me of how God has His hands in our lives, even when we don't realize it. And oh how thankful I am for that!!!