Buying Handmade

As a small business owner myself, it's super important to me to shop support other small business and thriving artists. Buying handmade has so many great aspects! You support local artisans, and therefore their family, local economy and community. Your gifts are the best on the block. Cool, trendy, unique, and usually one-of-a kind, you can find some really awesome handmade stuff that’ll make everyone ask Where can I get one? You gain a unique connection with an artisan. Let’s not forget the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you helped support someone very directly.  

Years ago, before I started my photography business, I constantly had my camera in hand. I would take photographs of landscapes, nature and anything else that peaked my interest and caught my eye. As these photographs began to accumulate, I toyed with the idea of starting my own Etsy shop. For years, I had been an avid Etsy shopper. One day, as I was browsing Etsy, I made the plunge and opened my own shop. That was in 2011. Over the past 5 years, I've branched out into also designing images. I found a love for fonts, and words. So phone cases just seemed to be a natural fit.

I love to making and designing stuff, as you might have noticed. And I adore photography. I've spent many, many hours photographing, designing and posting my items.

What do I make now? Fine art prints, phone cases, calendars, downloadable wall art, canvases and pillow covers.

Today, I'm sharing my art with you.  I'd love for you to take a look around, I'm sure you'd find something for yourself and may even others on your Christmas list!  There is still time for shopping before Christmas.